Fairy Tail 482

If there’s one chapter in Fairy Tail that can get me to quit reading it, this is the one.

So this Spriggan 12 guy revives dead enemies or dead people in the lives of the heroes to fight them again. Okay, Edo Tensei vibes aside, I don’t mind if there’s some character development during those fights. Naruto failed to bring it through well, but at least there were attempts at doing so (before it turned to shit with the Madara thing).

Problem 1: In the case of Erza, they are enemies she already defeated before. Why would they be able to beat her again? Sure, they can gang up on an injured and tired Erza, but such a strategy is dumb, especially since Erza knows how they fight, and how to fight back and defeat them.

But anyway.

We see Kagura helping save Jellal from drowning, and I thought, well then, Erza’s going to get help from Jellal to defeat her old enemies.


She gets quickly caught. Then she stares and threatens them. Her former enemies. The ones who want revenge against her.

They dissipate in fear. Just, disappear back into the nether. From a stare and a threat for Erza to exact violence. When she’s captured and helpless and injured and exhausted.


Firstly, I can see a case for Kyoka fearing Erza. After all, she wouldn’t go down despite having all her senses deprived of her, and defeated Kyoka in that state using Friendship-Kai.

But Ikaruga and Azuma? Both of them fought Erza evenly during their moments in canon. They lost at the end, yes, but as proud warriors, not scared cannon fodder. Azuma was even semi-happy to have lost to Erza, being a battle-maniac who wants to fight the strongest. SO WHERE WOULD THE FEAR COME FROM?! Shouldn’t Azuma cherish the opportunity to fight Erza again, with her being even more motivated now?! Fuck, he explicitly expressed his desire to fight Erza again just one chapter previously.

Secondly, A FUCKING STARE MADE THEM DISPEL THEMSELVES. I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s the dumbest way for Erza to win yet. I can accept her shedding her armour for speed and agility. I can accept Second Origin as a bullshit deus ex machina. I can even accept Friendship-Kai or Determination-Kai, even if I hate its guts. BUT A STARE AND A THREAT.

And if they are illusions, which the Spriggan 12 guy said they aren’t, why would they just dispel because of fear? They should have nothing to fear because they won’t understand fear, since they are just illusions. If they reflect what Erza remember of them, then she clearly doesn’t respect or understand her opponents as much as it is portrayed in canon that she does, because Ikaruga and Azuma certainly didn’t cower away in fear of her. Fuck, they relished fighting her.

I know shonen, or entertainment in general, demands a certain suspension of disbelief. The amount of disbelief I’ve had to suspend for Naruto and now Fairy Tail has been growing with each chapter, but this just blew everything else away. Nothing I’ve ever read, in ANY manga, comes close to the startling level of stupidity I’ve just read in this chapter.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Not even Madara/Sasuke and their Sharinhax. Not even Black Zetsu. Not even Kaguya/Jubi. Not even the bullshit plot that was Naruto‘s Fourth Shinobi War arc. Not even the countless Friendship-Kais in Fairy Tail and the Plot-Kais/deus ex machinas in Bleach.

This is simply the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Even as a fanfiction writer I’m embarrassed by the sheer stupidity of that idea. I can only suspend my disbelief so much. I would feel incredulous that a successful mangaka can conjure up such bullshit in his head and believe it’s a good idea to put it into his story, but this is Mashima-sensei who’s been dicking around with his readers ever since Eclipse. So I’m not surprised by the fact that he came up with more bullshit in his battle scenes (that have been steadily declining in quality with each new scene), just astonished by the sheer stupidity on display here.

There’s no coming back from this low ebb. There’s no plot, no character development, no epic battles that can save Fairy Tail from this nadir. Nothing can rescue this bullshit. Not even some bullshit revelation about Erza’s relations to whoever that Lady Eileen is. Because it’s not like Mashima-senseiĀ didn’t already pull out a buttload of bullshit relations for Lucy that ostensibly are important plot points, but are just deus ex machinas to save her ass in fights and make her seem more important to the story when she evidently is more of a side character than the other main protagonists. He has history with stupid relations, and I don’t trust him to make this Erza/Eileen thing any good.

And if it’s true what people online are suggesting, that Erza actually used an heretofore unknown eye technique to dispel those Historias (which that Spriggan 12 guy himself said dispelled from fear), then I guess Fairy Tail can go even lower than this. And if you tell me that her sudden bout of determination and realisation that she beat them once and can do so again, changed her ‘memories’ and thus the makeup of the Historias such that they will dispel themselves, then I’ll just take this Determination-Kai cum deus ex machina and stuff it up Mashima-sensei‘s ass because it’s still dumb as fuck.

By the way, some fans seem to like the fact that Erza is so ‘badass’, she won her fight without even having to fight. Congratulations, not only does the idea of ‘winning without fighting’ undermine the entire premise of Fairy Tail, but it undermines Erza as a character. Issuing threats of violence is NOT reflective of the respectful warrior Erza was written as from the beginning of the series. She doesn’t even mention her friends to justify her threat; just a ‘get out of my way, losers’. That’s halfway to an antihero, which Erza is patently NOT. So yea, well done on ruining your one good character, Mashima-sensei, and nice to see people appreciate that sort of hackjob.

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