Month: April 2016

Doctor Strange – Trailer

If there’s one thing I got from this trailer, it’s the Inception vibe. And if Doctor Strange can replicate the awe and mind-blowing stuff that Inception gave audiences, then this will be one heck of a movie.

Also, it’s amazing how far Marvel Studios has come. From crossing fingers and betting it all with Iron Man, now they can push out movies like Guardians or Doctor Strange with no qualms whatsoever. I’m so pumped right now.

Suicide Squad – Trailer 2

I like this trailer a lot more than the previous one. The humour and chemistry between the Suicide Squad members are MUCH better, and Margot Robbie’s lines in this trailer seem far more natural too.

I think Jared Leto’s Joker might also be pretty good, given the few glimpses I’ve seen in this trailer. It’s not the grimdark, anarchic Joker of The Dark Knight, but a more certified crazy sort of Joker.

And the tone of the trailer is pretty chirpy, despite the really dark colour palette of the movie. Probably trying to show that the movie isn’t going to be tonally like BvS which was criticised for being too dark and gritty. I can only hope the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously and force-feed the humour between important scenes. Go ahead and do a Deadpool and just go all out with the wit and humour and quips between characters. Goodness knows we need good character chemistry to make up for the character development deficit that’s definitely going to be present thanks to a whole new cast of characters in Suicide Squad.

This has revived a bit of the anticipation I had for Suicide Squad. But eh, we’ll see if this bombs critically like BvS.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Trailer

That. Looks. AMAZING.

Darker. Grittier. Moodier. A plot that doesn’t revolve around a chosen one. A story about the ordinary. And what looks like a healthy dose of action and character development too.

Star Wars has an amazing world ripe for exploration, and this looks like a fantastic start to the film empire Disney is trying to build. If Rogue One is as good as this trailer looks, and if the ‘a film a year’ promise by Disney can keep up the same standards, then the future bodes really well for Star Wars as a franchise worth watching.

Really, this intrigues me much more than the main series does. Let’s hope it doesn’t bomb.

The Meaning of Life

So it’s been a heck of a long time since I blogged about daily life. But here I am, near the end of my 3rd year as a university student, wondering what on earth am I doing with my life.

Someone once told me that for my course, students tend to find themselves disillusioned in Year 3 Sem 1, the busiest semester of our course. Now that it’s Sem 2 that’s the busiest for my batch, I think I’m struck with that same syndrome.

It’s been just a long slog of content-heavy lectures, 8am classes and tests galore. And I also took an elective on my one free day. If it were any good, I wouldn’t really mind. Instead, it’s been basically a useless time-suck that I’ve learnt barely anything from, and it’s just made my semester feel even lousier.

Of course, I’m still wasting my time frivolously on the internet as I do. But even then, it never feels like I have any time to just breathe and unwind. I’m just tired all day long, and weekends just never seem to suffice. I thought I could relax during recess week, but I ended up stressing myself over building my PC. I barely wrote anything for my fanfiction, although to be fair, I’m a little disillusioned over that as well.

I keep asking myself if all this effort is worthwhile. If doing this is what I want in life. If I’m actually capable of retaining even a shred of knowledge to bring to my future career. If I’ll even get a job in my field of study given the competition. And while these questions always popped up now and then, they’ve never been more prominent in my head this semester. Compounded by the very real fear of true adulthood, it’s just making me feel terribly jaded.

I mean, when I get back test results, I feel a brief moment of emotion, be it joy or sorrow or surprise. Then it’s back to apathy, where I really don’t feel much about whether I did well or not. Sure, I study when I have to, so I can do well on tests and keep up with the class. But it all feels so pointless.

I’ll probably look back one day at this post, at this moment in time, and find it funny that past me was so full of himself, and so wrapped up in his little problems and his tiny world that he would be disillusioned by university of all things. That real life is far worse, and university was probably the easiest time of his life.

But current me just wants all of this to end before he flips out.