What a ride!

I’ve been waiting so anxiously for Deadpool to arrive, and the excruciating wait to watch it made me more than a little hyped, especially given the glowing reviews from fans.

And boy oh boy did it not disappoint.

First, let’s get the nasty business out of the way. The plot is pretty straightforward. Some of the characters need a bit more development. The fight scenes could have been better (but there’s the caveat of a limited budget).

What the team behind Deadpool really nailed down was Deadpool himself. I mean, I don’t read the comics myself, but I know enough that Deadpool is a wisecracking, violent, insane mercenary that breaks the fourth wall constantly.

And they did it. Marvellously. There were so many fourth wall breaking jokes, I couldn’t stop laughing. And that’s not even counting all the sex jokes, the inside jokes, the regular jokes, the stupid jokes…

And it’s not just Deadpool who’s funny. Colossus is an epic straight man, and the love story of the Indian taxi driver was just so much dumb fun. #betterlovestorythanTwilight

Of course, there’s also lots of blood and violence, but they managed to make that funny at times too. And it was just a glorious, glorious movie that’s basically every Deadpool fan’s dream. It’s clearly not for everyone, given the amount of gore, naughty sex, swearing, and the inside jokes that require foreknowledge. But for a comic book or superhero movie fan, it’s the ultimate movie for us.

And seriously, they even made a joke about Counterstrike. Or at least, I think I did hear Deadpool scream ‘Cyka Blyat!’ when Colossus chided him with ‘Language!’. It’s just the perfect entertainment movie.

Beyond that, I actually didn’t mind the flashback style they had going on. The pacing of the film was pretty darn good as well, with the scenes flowing naturally despite the cutbacks to what happened in the past. I guess it’s probably because Deadpool is narrating his own story, so it just feels right to have flashbacks like how a person would narrate their own story to you.So yea, really enjoyed the movie. Definitely needs a re-watch because I bet I missed a couple of quick-fire jokes. Hoping Deadpool 2 will be awesome, and that they’ll have the budget to find more X-Men 😀

Also, 16th-wall breaking. What a boss.


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