Day: 24/02/2016

Building My PC

2016-02-23 20.46.41

I made plans to build my own PC as a graduation gift to myself. Then, as my MacBook Pro started to slow down and show problems, and with AppleCare expiring in June 2016, I pushed the build date a year earlier.

But when I bought my SSD when it went on offer, I figured I might as well just start buying parts. The only part that I wanted to wait for was AMD’s Polaris GPUs, but seeing the news that it was coming in Aug-Sep, and they were releasing only the top-end and low-end cards, I decided to just go for it.





What a ride!

I’ve been waiting so anxiously for Deadpool to arrive, and the excruciating wait to watch it made me more than a little hyped, especially given the glowing reviews from fans.

And boy oh boy did it not disappoint.