Month: February 2016

Building My PC

2016-02-23 20.46.41

I made plans to build my own PC as a graduation gift to myself. Then, as my MacBook Pro started to slow down and show problems, and with AppleCare expiring in June 2016, I pushed the build date a year earlier.

But when I bought my SSD when it went on offer, I figured I might as well just start buying parts. The only part that I wanted to wait for was AMD’s Polaris GPUs, but seeing the news that it was coming in Aug-Sep, and they were releasing only the top-end and low-end cards, I decided to just go for it.


Batman v Superman – Final Trailer

Now THIS is a much better trailer than the one that revealed Doomsday.

It’s pretty bog-standard, with cheeky one-liners, blurry action sequences with a million cuts, and the typical Zack Snyder CGI with slow-mo. The dark colour palette from Man of Steel also made it hard to see anything.

But IT DIDN’T REVEAL THE FINAL VILLAIN THAT BROUGHT THE TWO COMBATANTS TOGETHER! It focused on the battle between Superman and Batman, Batman’s motivations, and hinted at Lex Luthor’s involvement. If only…

The Vicissitudes of Football

I haven’t done any post-match blogging recently, and it’s really down to the up-and-down nature of the 2015/16 season for Liverpool.

Rodgers had presided over a pretty mediocre run of form at the start of the season, and the appointment of Klopp was a huge morale booster. But even he can’t wave a magic wand and turn the terribly inconsistent, unbalanced and hodgepodge squad assembled (expensively!) under Rodgers into a title contender within a few months.

So I’ve had to live with good football interspersed between mediocre and downright terrible football. Most of the time, I end up watching the terrible matches, and it just sucks the life out of me. Worse, I expect such performances under Rodgers so I couldn’t be disappointed. But with Klopp and after his masterminding of massive wins over City, Chelsea and Southampton, there’s always the belief that Liverpool are on the up-and-up, and we can actually win football matches. To then watch us lose because of lethargic play, brainless defending or just plain bad football…it really needles.

I’m not a hardcore fan, but I like to believe I’m not a fair-weathered fan either. It’s just difficult to stomach the crushing disappointment in defeat that I can’t muster up the energy to review and write about matches.

Sometimes, I wish I never fell in love with football. I can only hope that with time, Klopp can bring better days back to the football club I support. Maybe then, I’ll find myself blogging incessantly about the next big win.