Month: January 2016

Man At Arms: Reforged – Erza Scarlet’s Sword and Armour

Well, Erza’s Heart Kreuz sword and armour are her default set, but she swaps to other armours so much I don’t think they define her anymore. Hell, she beats more enemies in her hot pants and breast bindings than her regular armour.

That said, this is probably far more iconic and easier to produce than, say, her Armadura Fairy armour. And heck, it does look good.

I sorely wish Fairy Tail could be as good as this…

Suicide Squad – Trailer

I think superhero movies really need this and Deadpool to succeed.

But while Deadpool‘s trailers and marketing have really cracked me up, this Suicide Squad trailer…

Yea, the humour needs a LOT of work. And if that’s the tone of the entire film, then we’re all headed for a cringe fest. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn sounded very, very over-acted in this trailer, and the lines all feel so awkward. Maybe Jared Leto’s Joker might save it?

At least the soundtrack behind the trailer is great.

Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams


It feels like they were trying to evolve their sound with A Head Full of Dreams, and they just got tired of it and stopped halfway?

The first half of the album sounded like psychedelic rock, with a lot of emphasis on the upbeat, almost trippy music rather than the lyrics that were mumbled through and sounded foreign as a result. Then the music took a backseat in the latter part of the album as it sort of switched back to the traditional Coldplay sound, except with more cheer.

As a result, it just doesn’t sound very good for Coldplay’s standards. And the worst part is, it doesn’t even sound wholly coherent like Mylo Xyloto. I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s definitely not winning me over.

I know, musical evolution is hard, and plenty of good bands and artists have failed miserably. But A Head Full of Dreams is totally unremarkable even when taken on its own, and it just makes me wonder where the rediscovered mojo that led to Ghost Stories disappear to once more.

Adele – 25

It’s not 21.

But 25 marks an evolution in Adele’s music, moving on from heartbreak to nostalgia, regret, and even simple love. It retains all the hallmarks of an Adele album, with powerful, evocative vocals, sincere lyrics and piano ballads that make you feel so introspective and reflective. But Adele also adds some colour to 25, bringing cheer and joy with some songs, more upbeat tunes that brings an optimism to an album that has a tendency to turn its head and gaze back into the past poignantly.

Of course, while it’s not as good as 21 in my opinion, 25 still stands out as the best pop album of 2015. Her gorgeous vocals bring her heartfelt lyrics to life, showing that pop music can be more than just manufactured songs and stars, that it can be more than just catchy tunes and lyrical hooks, that it can be emotional and powerful.

Her success is utterly warranted, and it’s a godsend in a generation of pop music where sex appeal seems to matter more than ever before. And she seems far more grounded and relatable than Taylor Swift to boot. All hail Adele!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

2016-01-04 16.03.31I went into the film 2 weeks after its première, which meant that I already got spoiled on some details and the fact that the movie is, in fact, pretty good. So I went in with high hopes, and left with a sense of both satisfaction and longing for Episode VIII to arrive right then and there.

There’s so much about the film to discuss, so many, many spoilers ahead.


A Few Film Reviews

So I went on a trip to Europe recently, and had a grand total of 4 flights. That meant enough time for some of the films that I wanted to watch, but not enough that I would care that I’m watching it on the small screens of the in-flight entertainment systems.

I can’t remember most of the pertinent details of each film, so I thought I might as well bring all my thoughts on them into one single post.