Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny – Trailer

I can’t say I loved the first film. Hero still remains my favourite wuxia flick (alongside maybe Red Cliff). But it had gorgeous visuals and amazing fight scenes, particularly the Michelle Yeoh/Zhang Ziyi spar (GIRL POWER).

Now Netflix has picked it up, so it’s all in English and that’s really weird. Not to mention the CGI in the final fight scene which I’m a little ambivalent about. I’m a fan of CGI enhancing practical effects, and I can see they probably did quite a bit of wire work, but for a wuxia film to use CGI…it’ll take some getting used to, that’s for sure.

But I love Donnie Yen (although I am going to skip Ip Man 3 because he’s fighting Mike Tyson of all people), and I love Michelle Yeoh, and this looks promising despite my fears it might turn bad. So bring it on!


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