La Tormenta Chapter 29

So since the last update, it’s been well on 14 weeks and an entire school semester had passed. Ugh. I totally failed at the 1000words/week thing, partly because school was tough as hell (worst semester EVER, and I’m not exaggerating), and partly because I was constantly distracted by plans to build my own PC next summer.

It was going to be my graduation present to myself, but my MBP has been giving me more and more problems recently, and I lust after tech. On hindsight, doing research on parts now only increased the desire, but I might not have loads of time after graduation to do a good job of it. And given the pace of technological advancement, waiting another year seems pointless.

But that’s beside the point.

So this chapter finally lets me wrap up Edolas fully, harping on the theme of family again by reuniting Carla and Shagotte. It’s my terrible attempt at trying to bring out the theme when the arc is effectively over, but hey, I tried.

In other news, I churned out a lot of useless pre-Tenrō crap and tons of fluff for which I had no idea I had the capacity to write (so much of). The story was grim for large periods, and will get even grimmer later on. So a bit of light-hearted fluff, as a kind of ‘calm before the storm’ seemed appropriate.

Well, I spent most of my recess week doing this stuff again instead of studying. I swear I have no idea how I manage to get acceptable grades with this kind of work ethic and the competition in the course. Damn bell curve.

But hopefully after the exams, I can crank out another chapter before I jet off for the holidays. It’s one I’ve been looking forward to writing, so hopefully it wouldn’t take too long.


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