Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!


I can’t say I was totally disappointed, because the show did end in a good way, but as a whole, 2wei Herz! was not the show I thought 2wei! was building up to. And this really took a lot of the enjoyment away for me.

So, given how 2wei! ended with Bazett basically blowing up the Edelfelt mansion, you would have thought she would feature as an antagonist of some manner throughout 2wei Herz! Instead, she was instantly turned into comic relief as the slice-of-life crap reared its ugly head once more.

Shit, I usually have no problems with that sort of content. Hell, I think it’s even necessary to help build the story towards a more suspenseful finish, to develop characters, and to foreshadow stuff. But the problem is that 2wei! already did the slice-of-life thing, and focused on it way too much, ruining any tension that could have been built. And when you consider the unsatisfactory ending of 2wei!, jumping straight back into regular school life stuff and keeping it up for 6 episodes is just terrible.

It’s fine to throw in slice-of-life stuff in between important plot episodes, but to have what are essentially fillers occupy more than half of the damn thing? That’s just milking the series. I can’t help but feel that 2wei! and 2wei Herz! were meant to be one set of 12 episodes, but someone decided that 20 episodes in total was a better way to milk money from fans via merchandise or whatever. It’s utterly ridiculous the amount of pointless filler there is, and they don’t even help develop characters much.

Thankfully, the last four episodes make up for the crap that is the filler. But because of just how much time that nonsense ate up, everything felt so damn rushed in the later episodes. Rather than confusing me with a ridiculously intricate plot like most Fate animes do, 2wei Herz! did it via not having enough exposition. And frankly, it’s not even really a problem of time; they spent too much of it on useless exposition and pathetic attempts to build suspense instead.

As a result, while I loved the concept of Miyu’s origin story and the action scenes that came with it, I can’t help but wonder what great stuff they could have done if they didn’t waste their efforts on stupid fillers that served nearly no purpose at all. On one hand, it’s a sign that Type-Moon has always made good anime; on the other, it’s just a criminal waste of their writers’ and animators’ talents.

Even the best humour of the Prisma Illya series was scarce. The self-deprecating, self-aware humour was one of the strong suits of the first season of Prisma Illya, but it got lost throughout 2wei! and only came back as the battles started again in 2wei Herz!. I can only stand so much of Shirō’s harem comedy stuff before I’ll explode. Although I must admit, the overt reference to Kakashi and Iruka of Naruto in the Mimi’s BL ‘arc’ was funny. But otherwise, it was stupid as hell. I mean, what the heck is the point of all that BL crap? Developing side characters that have zero influence on the main plot? It’s the epitome of filler, that.

The revelations of how the Prisma Illya world may be connected to the main Fate series is quite interesting, and once again, I can’t help but wish they focused more of that. Developing Caren Hortensia, or Irisviel, or even Bazett would have been better than Illya’s troupe of friends. Hell, Bazett went from enemy to broke comic relief to ally with just a cheap explanation. It’s mind-boggling how they got their priorities all wrong.

But I suppose the target audience for 2wei Herz!, and indeed Prisma Illya, may not be university dudes closer to graduation than matriculation. Little girls might lap that filler stuff up, or perhaps lolicons. I probably should just stick to the regular Fate series then.


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