Warcraft – Trailer

It looks like it could be a brilliant spectacle, but I have my doubts over a live-action video-game adaptation for a story of Warcraft’s scale. Granted, it’s only focused on the initial conflict between humans and orcs, but it’s a little weird. I think game stories are still some ways off being mainstream entertainment, but Warcraft could be the one to make it work.

Unfortunately, the trailer felt like a discount Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I know there’s a lot of practical effects, particularly for the orcs’ makeup, but then there’s the unavoidable CGI that just didn’t do it for me. And hell, I really wish they went for something more character-driven than a set-piece war flick. Medivh or Arthas’ corruption would be awesome, or Thrall’s rise from captive to leader. But then I think that would make for a better TV series instead, covering the entire Reign of Chaos/The Frozen Throne storyline.

Oh well, I’ll probably watch it eventually.

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