Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong – Kurzgesagt

As interesting as this theory might be, I do have some qualms about whether this is applicable to all drugs or just heroin or select drugs that have been abused by people. Having learnt enough pharmacology to hate my life, it’s clear that some drugs can lead to withdrawal symptoms when people are taken off of them, and there could be a pharmacological effect contributing to addiction as well.

Obviously, anything to do with health is a complex issue, especially ones that also involve psychology. But the war on drugs in the US is really far too oppressive, and needs to stop no matter what. Portugal has a system where they help drug addicts instead of just sending them to prison, and it’s actually helped with the issue. So no matter what might be the true cause of addiction, there’s definitely a way to solve the problem. People just need to be willing to work together to bring it to fruition.


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