Adele – Hello

I don’t usually have the habit of discussing singles (and I haven’t even posted about any of the new albums I’ve heard recently), but I’ll make an exception for Adele.

I hope the rest of 25 is happier, because Hello is evidently not a ‘make-up song’. Of course, I don’t really care because it will probably be awesome no matter what sort of theme the album has.

As for Hello, it’s a welcome reminder that Adele is still around, and is still capable of making great tracks. I love how tastefully the music video was done, without any of the junk that clutters most modern pop tracks these days. Granted, pop songs are very different musically, and the videos sort of reflect that. But then, it demonstrates so much that’s wrong with the modern music industry these days.

Thankfully, there are no scantily clad women gyrating or twerking. There are no men in chains and hoodies throwing money around. There are no objects that serve only to flaunt the wealth of the artist. Just the music to lose yourself in, and an artful video to enhance the experience.

I can’t wait for 25.

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