Liverpool vs. Tottenham Hotspur 17/10/14


First match under Klopp’s reign. I thought about blogging on Rodgers’ sacking and the excitement at finding out we managed to hire friggin’ Jurgen Klopp, but I basically orgasmed all over Twitter already, so it was rather pointless.

But Kloppo’s arrival meant that I quickly rediscovered my love for football, and the match showed some positive signs.

We started like madmen high on some performance-enhancing drugs as we pressed intensely, and intelligently at that. Klopp’s fingerprints were already on the team as we basically suffocated Spurs for the first 20 mins. But Origi is young and raw, and our attacking trident of Lallana, Coutinho and Milner behind him were pretty awful at everything but running and pressing. Eventually, Spurs got back into the game, and attacked well down our right, Skrtel making a hash of plenty of situations and making me wish Rodgers hadn’t sent Ilori out on loan, or Gomez hadn’t done his ACL.

Mignolet made some really important saves during this time, and Sakho made some brilliant tackles, interceptions and blocks as we went under the cosh, Spurs establishing their own pressing game and rhythm. But we made it out of the first half unscathed.

The second half became a far cagier affair, Liverpool looking far more tired and less able to press like the first 20mins. It became a scrappy game of tackles mostly, both sides nullifying each other. Our attacking players just couldn’t make anything stick, and neither could Spurs find a breakthrough. Mignolet made another crucial save during this period, while Lloris gratefully collected all the poor shots and overhit through-balls. With that, the match ended a pretty decent 0-0.

My man of the match has got to be Sakho. He was everywhere, cleaning up after Skrtel while holding firm on his own flank. Mignolet and Can ran him close, the former making some brilliant saves to keep us in the game, and the latter executing Klopp’s pressing plan to perfection, cementing down that double pivot place until Henderson comes back.

Clyne was solid once more, and Moreno was not too bad, although he was a little out of the game in the first half. Skrtel frustrated early on, but got better in the second half. Lucas was solid, mopping up as Can went around the pitch like a charging German bull, while the less said about Milner, Lallana and Coutinho the better. Origi played decently despite his lack of sharpness and support, but I really can’t wait to see how the team will do with Sturridge, Henderson and Firmino in the team.

All in all, a decent start, and already signs of Klopp’s signature style. Good football is finally back!


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