Month: September 2015

Fairy Tail 451

So the truth is out.

Fairy Heart is infinite magic.


But I have to apologise to Mashima-sensei for getting way too agitated over the plot hole of the 7-year timeskip. Re-reading the manga, I realised that Zeref told Makarov that he only recently decided he wanted Fairy Heart. Convenient way of circumventing the issue, but it’s a shit load better than leaving it as a massive plot hole.

Still not convinced by the necessity of Alvarez to counter Acnologia. Still not convinced by Face or Etherion as weapons effective against Alvarez (which Makarov pointed out, and Zeref agreed to a certain extent). Still not convinced that Ivan didn’t take the opportunity to enter the foreclosed Fairy Tail building during the timeskip to try and find Fairy Heart again.

Zeref is still a pretty lacklustre villain, and the series is about to embark on its usual predictable fights. I’m basically just waiting for all this to end with Natsu beating Zeref but probably not killing him. Maybe Mavis can kiss him and end his life like he put her in stasis the last time. Meh.

Singapore General Elections 2015

The time has come.

Well, everyone with half a brain knew it was going to happen this year, just not the exact date.

Billed as the biggest GE since forever, it really is one of the most important elections we’ll ever have. With Lee Kuan Yew gone and the results of GE2011 quite dismal for PAP’s standards, there will be no better time for the opposition to get a better foothold in the Parliament. There will be no better time for the people’s choices to make a difference, to tell the PAP that they cannot afford complacency, the same complacency that led them to lose Aljunied GRC in 2011 and continues to turn people away from them.