Liverpool vs. West Ham 29/08/15


Laughter is probably the only way I can not feel utterly annoyed by the scoreline and the way we played.

What a joke.

So Rodgers heaps praise on Gomez, Lovren and his shiny back four that kept him 3 clean sheets. Mignolet talked about forgetting West Ham’s abysmal record at Anfield. Hey, guess what?

West Ham turned over that record. Gomez and Lovren were bad and comical respectively. We lost 3-0, Coutinho got red, and we looked like the lost sheep from last season.


I really, really hate it when I’m right about the club going in the wrong direction, because I want us to succeed. But Lovren in the back four, a teenage RCB playing at left FB…it was going to put us in hot soup eventually. It worked against the three teams before because Stoke were crap with the ball, Bournemouth were lacking quality, and we sat deep against Arsenal.

But against West Ham? They sat deep and countered, and we couldn’t break through. Gomez was of zero use on the flanks, unable to provide any width. Lovren and Skrtel can’t pass for shit, and West Ham ganged up on Coutinho to keep him from the ball. Our midfield is seriously lacking quality, and when Lucas was the only one providing any quality balls to the front line, that says a lot.

Can and Milner couldn’t run through the walls of players, and the passing was wayward. Firmino was basically out of the game too, and Benteke was isolated despite us playing mostly in West Ham’s half.

Oh, and we conceded that first goal within 5 minutes, with our entire backline (but particularly Gomez) at fault. Second goal? Lovren decided not to clear and gave the wall away in our box to West Ham. Disastrous player is an understatement.

Second half saw Moreno on for Can and a swap to a 3-4-2-1, despite it making more sense to remove Gomez who was all at sea defending and attacking. At least Can gave the side some class and running in the middle. Then Coutinho got sent off for a tackle while on a yellow for dissent, and left us with only Firmino with any guile. Then Rodgers took him off too, and brought Ings, leaving only Lucas and Milner to link the team together.

Only Milner was running and running but doing little else, and Lucas is no Coutinho. So we toiled and failed to make an impact until Noble went off for a pretty innocuous foul. 10v10 sounded like an opportunity, but we decided to defend comically again, with Lovren charging out and leaving his position, while Skrtel just watched (Diafra) Sakho as he made it 3-0.

There’s only one word for such a performance: Disgusting.

And it’s not like more level-headed fans haven’t seen this coming. Ground out a result against Stoke, should have lost to Bournemouth, and couldn’t capitalise at Arsenal. We lacked quality on the pitch and on the bench, and the tactics just didn’t work. You’d think Rodgers and his brand new coaching team would have figured out how to beat a mid-table team like West Ham, but nah, let’s lose spectacularly instead.

All credit to Bilic though, who continued to make his teams beat better ones through good tactical decisions.

We’ve got Manchester United next. They haven’t played any better than us, so I guess I might as well not watch it. It’ll probably be like Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Jr.


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