Breaking Benjamin – Dark Before Dawn

I’m so glad that Breaking Benjamin is back. I heard there were health issues for the frontman, not to mention some legal wrangling. Apparently there’s a whole new band behind Benjamin Burnley now, but I don’t really care because they have retained the same sound that made them sound so great.

I have to admit, it’s been a while since I heard Breaking Benjamin songs. But the album immediately brought me back, with the same dark lyrics and hard rock sound. There’s a grungy intimacy to their songs in my opinion, and it straddles the line between rock and metal with finesse, never too heavy yet not too light.

It’s unfortunately not as great as Phobia, but Dark Before Dawn is a pretty awesome album in its own right. Sure, some people might claim they aren’t evolving, but why must a band or an artist be evolving all the time? Not all changes in sound work out for the better; Linkin Park’s constant evolution has not delivered a single album as great as Hybrid Theory or Meteora. Neither has it worked out that well for Coldplay.

So keep it up. I look forward to more Breaking Benjamin.


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