Month: August 2015

Fairy Tail 450

What…the heck just happened?

I like that Mashima-sensei redeemed his many, many Zeref contradictions by making it a core part of his powers. I also know that there are plenty of other problems with his conceptualisation of Zeref that doesn’t fit despite this new ‘development’, but I’ll cut him some slack.

But a Zeref/Mavis pairing that causes Mavis to die, and I’m guessing Zeref wants her back to revive her? For love?

I’m surprised by this plot twist. Not pleasantly so, but I’m surprised. And I’m not sure I want to see what’s next. Humanising Zeref has only made him a far more boring character/villain. If the reason Zeref wants Fairy Heart aka Mavis is really for love, then I’m going to flip.

La Tormenta Chapter 28

Yay! I didn’t write anything in the two weeks before my preceptorship, opting to enjoy my time watching anime and whatnot. I figured putting out two chapters in quick succession deserved some reward.

Then boom! 6 weeks of preceptorship passed, and I had one week of holidays left. I certainly didn’t want to let this drag into the new semester, touted as the hardest semester of my college life by seniors. So I shoved it off for Unlimited Blade Works and some movies before I cranked it out. Whoopee.

It’s a little lacklustre, and I’ve pretty much turned Fairy Tail into a emotional drama rather than a shōnen adventure. But for a really serious attempt at fanfiction, I’m pretty pleased in spite of how it splits opinions.

It’s a pretty lengthy chapter, one of only three that breaks the 10,000 word barrier. I’m not pleased with some of it, but at least the fluff was good IMO.

Oh well, what’s done is done. I’ve written far, far worse chapters than this. Time to start work on school matters, and plan my Tenrō arc for the third time. What a pain.

Breaking Benjamin – Dark Before Dawn

I’m so glad that Breaking Benjamin is back. I heard there were health issues for the frontman, not to mention some legal wrangling. Apparently there’s a whole new band behind Benjamin Burnley now, but I don’t really care because they have retained the same sound that made them sound so great.

I have to admit, it’s been a while since I heard Breaking Benjamin songs. But the album immediately brought me back, with the same dark lyrics and hard rock sound. There’s a grungy intimacy to their songs in my opinion, and it straddles the line between rock and metal with finesse, never too heavy yet not too light.

It’s unfortunately not as great as Phobia, but Dark Before Dawn is a pretty awesome album in its own right. Sure, some people might claim they aren’t evolving, but why must a band or an artist be evolving all the time? Not all changes in sound work out for the better; Linkin Park’s constant evolution has not delivered a single album as great as Hybrid Theory or Meteora. Neither has it worked out that well for Coldplay.

So keep it up. I look forward to more Breaking Benjamin.

Muse – Drones

Drones is immediately familiar, capturing the Muse sound quite well. It’s a quirky, almost psychedelic sound, with thematic lyrics filled to the brim with meaning. There’s a unique atmospheric feel to Muse, and Drones is right there.

It definitely feels more familiar than The 2nd Law, which for me seemed to include too much electronic music. To me, it felt like that ruined the delicate balance between rock and psychedelic, almost like forcing me into the new world of EDM music at times. Of course, I might need to revise my opinion of The 2nd Law; hearing it recently somehow made me feel like it wasn’t actually that heavy on the electronic music after all.

But on first listen of Drones, it’s clear that it’s a Muse album. Unfortunately, it just sounded a bit dull; less impactful, less engaging compared to previous works. I’m not sure whether that’s intentional or if I just have a bad master (or the mastering is bad in general). But if it is intended, then in a way it makes a lot of sense thematically.

After all, the album is called Drones.