Fairy Tail 445

I find myself blogging about Fairy Tail a lot these days.


So the reason behind the creation of the Albareth Empire is revealed. To fight Acnologia. SERIOUSLY?

What’s the point of that random face-off between Zeref and Acnologia a few chapters earlier then? Also, you are fucking Zeref. There’s zero need for a bloody empire to fight Acnologia.

And then there’s the whole Lumen Histoire/Fairy Heart thing. I get it, it’s a super-powerful magic that even Zeref wants. Guess what? FOR SEVEN BLOODY YEARS, THE STUPID FAIRY TAIL BUILDING WAS UNDER FORECLOSURE AND COMPLETELY EMPTY.

In that time, you could have easily popped in, smashed the building to bits, found the secret entrance and gotten your hands on Fairy Heart. SEVEN FUCKING YEARS TO DO IT.

Also, as nice as it is to bring in the Dragon King Festival, a concept you threw out eons ago, are you seriously insinuating that it’s all Zeref’s grand plan to create a huge melee between dark wizards, dragons and humans and see who survives? Why can’t you just use your haxx skills and kill the shit out of everyone without resorting to these random plans? You told Makarov you wanted to exterminate humans. THEN JUST DO IT.

I’m so annoyed right now. I didn’t expect a good reason for all this, but it turned out to be worse than I thought.

Oh, and convenient Makarov rescue is convenient.


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