Month: July 2015

Everything Wrong with The Incredibles

LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie.

And gee, guess what? Less sins than a lot of other flicks. But who cares, I’m just revelling in the nostalgia as I watch clips from one of my favourite animated films.

And a sequel is in development?



Hungarian Grand Prix 2015

I haven’t posted anything about F1 for a while. This is probably the most apt race to discuss after that hiatus.

And what a race. They talked about the problems facing F1, how it was getting boring and stuff, then Silverstone and the Hungaroring threw the F1 self-deprecating rhetoric right out of the car.

Also, this makes for a perfectly fitting tribute for Jules Bianchi. I remember his really great fighting race to P9 in Monaco, and a chaotic, topsy-turvy race with plenty of overtaking and a track described as Monaco without walls? I’ll take it.


Freeheld – Trailer

Usually I’m a bit ambivalent about ‘based on a true story’ films, but this one looks really, really good. A touching story about two women in love with each other, fighting for their partners? Pushing for LGBT rights in a most heart-warming way? We don’t have enough films about non-white homosexual men. This film is basically everything that Hollywood is not. Let’s make it work.

Fairy Tail 445

I find myself blogging about Fairy Tail a lot these days.


So the reason behind the creation of the Albareth Empire is revealed. To fight Acnologia. SERIOUSLY?

What’s the point of that random face-off between Zeref and Acnologia a few chapters earlier then? Also, you are fucking Zeref. There’s zero need for a bloody empire to fight Acnologia.

And then there’s the whole Lumen Histoire/Fairy Heart thing. I get it, it’s a super-powerful magic that even Zeref wants. Guess what? FOR SEVEN BLOODY YEARS, THE STUPID FAIRY TAIL BUILDING WAS UNDER FORECLOSURE AND COMPLETELY EMPTY.

In that time, you could have easily popped in, smashed the building to bits, found the secret entrance and gotten your hands on Fairy Heart. SEVEN FUCKING YEARS TO DO IT.

Also, as nice as it is to bring in the Dragon King Festival, a concept you threw out eons ago, are you seriously insinuating that it’s all Zeref’s grand plan to create a huge melee between dark wizards, dragons and humans and see who survives? Why can’t you just use your haxx skills and kill the shit out of everyone without resorting to these random plans? You told Makarov you wanted to exterminate humans. THEN JUST DO IT.

I’m so annoyed right now. I didn’t expect a good reason for all this, but it turned out to be worse than I thought.

Oh, and convenient Makarov rescue is convenient.

The Revenant – Trailer

Director of Birdman, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. What a combination.

The trailer is equal parts thrilling, heart-stopping and mysterious, all while matching it with great cinematography and what appears to be just brilliant landscapes as the backdrop. And I love how there’s no exposition in the trailer, just the brilliant use of music and sound to set the tone of the trailer and tantalise us. That’s a skill in video editing that I’ve always admired, and it’s used to amazing effect here.

If the movie is anywhere near as good as the trailer, I’m extremely glad Tom Hardy forwent his role as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad for this. I can’t wait to watch it.

(Then again, I really want to watch Birdman, but still haven’t gotten around to it…)

Fantastic Four – Trailer


Watched the first Fox incarnations of Fantastic Four on the big screen, and they sucked thanks to the horrid humour, poor plot, and paper-thin characters. This one looks promising in the usual gritty reboot way. Which doesn’t inspire any confidence whatsoever that it’s going to be anything more than a bog-standard action flick about superheroes.

So yea, probably going to watch it, but zero expectations. And Fox, please don’t try and create your own Marvel Cinematic Universe with all the Marvel properties you own. X-Men is doing fine now, and Deadpool actually looks really good from the leaked trailer. Don’t ruin them.

(Although it’s probably too late. Deadpool is considered under the X-Men universe, and so is the upcoming Gambit. Ugh)

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – Trailer


Well, it definitely LOOKS good. I don’t have much faith in Zack Snyder’s ability to direct good plot-driven films, but the visuals are definitely going to be spectacular. But the trailer does hint at a lot of slow-motion, which is his thing.


I like the plot teased in the trailer. I really do. But it’s really just a adaptation from the comics. Also, while Jesse Eisenberg looks like a pretty good Lex Luthor so far, and Batfleck doesn’t look half bad, I loathe that fat Batman logo. It looks utterly hideous. I mean, sure, there’s nothing wrong with a bulked up Batman. But the logo doesn’t have to go the same way.

Joker will seemingly make an appearance, which is great, but I worry about just how much content are they trying to cram into this movie. Look at the mess that made of Spider-Man 3, when they introduced 3 villains. Hopefully Lex Luthor will remain as a character getting built and teased for the Justice League film, rather than becoming a major antagonist. Ditto Joker and Suicide Squad or the next Batman film.

Wonder Woman makes an appearance too, which is great, but it’s hard to tell what role she’s going to play. Already there feels like an overload of characters. Granted, most people will know superficially of these characters, and it’s possible to play off their prior knowledge and just go for it. But as a standalone film, it needs to build its characters, and I hope they don’t make a mess of it.

And what of Aquaman? As much as he is the butt of jokes on the internet, he’s a legitimately powerful character.

Finally, I have an issue with the final battle. See, there was already plenty of CGI in Man of Steel, but it wasn’t so bad as to make me cringe. But the final battle between Batman and Superman, as teased in the trailer? Looks very heavily CGI-ed. After Nolan’s trilogy, I’m a little more adverse to CGI, especially for a film featuring Batman. Marvel can get away with it because they handle so much more sci-fi, and they have a brighter colour scheme and tone in their films. DC went for dark and gritty, and CGI does not mesh as well.

But what the heck, I’ll watch it anyway.