Day: 08/06/2015

Fairy Tail 439

I haven’t blogged about manga in a long while now, maybe because I gave up on ranting about Naruto, and Fairy Tail was never really worthy of big criticism. Rather, it just annoyed me. After all, it never raised my hopes of it becoming anything more than just an above average piece of entertainment (now below average).

But I’m more than a little angry at this chapter. Sure, I got mad at how Zeref is the most useless bogeyman since bogeymen existed, and how Mashima-sensei is chopping down two main villains in Acnologia and Zeref into just one. I got mad at Zeref’s backstory appearing out of completely nowhere, with zero narrative prompt to bring about the flashback, and I hated the utterly pointless Avatar arc. I also got real pissed writing the Edolas arc given the number of plot holes I found and had to address. I didn’t rant about them here though.

I wouldn’t say that chapter 439 compares in the intensity of my anger over other chapters, but it’s the kind of thing that slowly drives you up the wall because it looks good on the surface, but stinks of stupidity when you delve deeper.