La Tormenta – Chapter 26

My computer was heaving its final breaths during my exam period, and right after my final exam I got around to getting it fixed. This meant a delay in writing for days, and after that I had to get everything back in working order. So the chapter is effectively a week late. But hey, at least I got it done.

I feel like the battles could have been better, but I just couldn’t drag them out any further. This meant that I couldn’t emphasise on the toll that making Kage Bunshin puts on Naruto, nor could I feature Mira’s stamina issues. But they aren’t bad, so I hope readers will like it.

At the end of the chapter, I felt like the Edolas arc was more about interpersonal relationships than completing the mission to rescue Lisanna and stop Faust. Family felt like a huge theme, with Cana fighting Gildarts, Mira trying to rescue Lisanna, Lisanna’s connection with Edolas!Mira and Elfman, Mystogan’s relationship with Naruto and Faust…but I think I failed to really bring it out. I guess it’s a little difficult when you only feel it after writing the damn chapter.

Hopefully readers feel similarly when they read the entire thing. I wondered if I made the ending sappy enough. It felt a little lacking. But then, everything feels a little lacking after the Oración Seis arc…


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