World in Crisis

This blog started out with quite a barrage of current affairs, especially the situation in Ukraine. But I’ve noticed and pivately lamented the dearth of such posts since then, because it sort of reflects my misplaced priorities. So many posts to do with films and entertainment and sports and even inane Youtube videos, but not a peep about what’s happening around the world.

Oh, and nothing about my terrible studies too…

But it feels a little silly to be posting about a new situation unfolding because in the end, I’m going to say the same things over and over. That it’s a terrible situation, that things must be done, that governments should take a hard look at it and what they can do, and so on and so forth. I just can’t muster up the motivation to do something so repetitive.

And these things are happening almost all the time now. I’m really wondering if it’s merely an increased awareness or truly the beginning of the end. We see a crisis in Yemen, the rise of ISIS, the horrific shooting in Kenya, the insanity that is Boko Haram, and let’s not forget the very real Ukrainian situation that hasn’t been resolved, but has been shoved aside in the news.

Oh, and plane crashes. So many plane crashes. It makes it hard to believe the statistics that plane crashes contribute to less deaths per year than car crashes do per day.

Enormously glad to be in the bubble that is Singapore. A place with obedient citizens, a place safe enough that students carelessly reserve seats in the canteens with their phones and/or laptops out in the open.


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