Witch Craft Works

I didn’t think I’d be picking up a new manga when I have so many in my backlog, but I did, and I don’t regret it one bit.

Witch Craft Works stands out for me right from the start because the protagonist is practically powerless. And so far, he’s mostly stayed that way, despite the power within him. Instead, he keeps getting saved by his protector, a certain beautiful witch. Any more and I’ll be spoiling the story, but it’s refreshing to see the heroine saving the guy in distress, and keep doing so.

The story seems like a pretty even spread of comedy and shōnen fighting, which can be terrible if the pace of the story is off. Luckily, everything is quite well paced, with the comedy segueing well into the action and vice versa. They don’t detract from each other as well, something I can’t say for Naruto, which had horrid segments of comedy inserted where it had no right to be.

I also like that there’s no harem, with a sweet mutual attraction between the two main characters and a hilarious bro-con sister. An oblivious hero I can do without though; it’s a pretty tired trope to invent more comedic situations. I hope more mangaka and authors alike go down the route of High School DxD; a blatantly perverted hero. Would be nice if he was also intelligent and not a blockhead (another typical shōnen hero trait) though…

But yea, Witch Craft Works is a pretty fun manga to read. For me, it feels predominantly like a comedy, but the action is pretty nice too. A pity it’s not a weekly serialisation.


One comment

  1. I watched the anime and it was really cute. I love the relationship between the two main characters. I did pick up the manga, but I’ve been putting it on hold for awhile.

    I do agree with you that the hero is kind of bland. Hopefully he’ll become more useful as the story goes on.


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