22 Jump Street

Another day, another sequel.



21 Jump Street was hilarious, but 22 Jump Street, amazingly, is even funnier. I love it when comedies are self-aware, and 22 Jump Street is just reference after reference, at the edge of breaking the 4th wall. They make fun of Hollywood, themselves, and even the hair triggers that everyone has regarding racism and any other topic these days.

Of course, given that they are a sequel, the thing they make fun of the most is indeed sequels. So many punchlines are devoted to making fun of the fact that it’s a sequel, with that 23 Jump Street reference and the whole barrage of Jump Street sequels, games and merchandise at the end.

But they haven’t forgotten what made 21 Jump Street awesome, which is the great chemistry Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have. Instead of them forming a new relationship, we have them falling into tumult, getting into the breakup phase and then the coming together again. I swear this is yet another reference to all those Hollywood tropes, which they made fun of so many times in the first film and continued to do so in this.

No one gives a shit about the plot, because this film isn’t about plot. It’s really about the humour. Even the characters are made for laughs, with Schmidt and Jenko’s relationship the prime example. Maya as Dickson’s daughter? Hilarious. Jenko’s fling with Zook? Makes me giggle. I’m kind of bad at watching comedies because I’m a little picky about my jokes, but 22 Jump Street was funny for me all the way.

Oh man, if this is the quality of the sequel, I really can’t wait for the Vietnamese to buy back their church and for the Jump Street guys to move across the street to the 23rd.


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