Horrible Bosses 2

There are many times when sequels lose the charm that made the original film so popular. Taken is probably the best example of it. But for comedies, as long as you can draw out the laughter from the audience, I’d like to think it’s a success.

Horrible Bosses 2?

Nailed it.

I loved the first because it was so silly, and I loved the second because it’s just as silly. Chris Pine’s character felt like it dominated a bit too much in the later portions of the film, but it was worked in pretty well all things considered. Christoph Waltz was criminally underused, but I never pegged him as a comedic actor anyway. Jennifer Aniston…well, her scenes never really made me laugh even in the first film, but I can damn well appreciate what a fine character she’s playing. I love Kevin Spacey too; he’s a brilliant actor.

And Jamie Foxx? Well, they upgraded Motherfucker Jones. And it was friggin’ hilarious.

I thought the arguing shtick got a bit boring after a while, but the hapless trio managed to make it work most of the time. I think the darker turn it took near the end kind of ruined the light-hearted vibe, but I can’t blame them. They made me giggle plenty during the film.

So better than the first? Nah. But it’s a comedy, and it made me laugh. So it passes. It’s nowhere near as bad as the drop-off in quality The Hangover suffered anyway.


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