Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

It’s been 9 years since the first Sin City film first wowed me with the slick black and white film noir style. But things…didn’t work out so well this time.

With the multiple changes in cast members, it was a little hard to catch some of the less-recognisable faces like Bob. At least I managed to recognise the new Miho. But while the first Sin City managed to build up some of its characters, this really feels like a sequel where they don’t bother pelting you with exposition and just went straight to the violence.

In some ways, it’s what I would have wanted in a sequel. But that also meant that favourite characters like Marv and Nancy seemed to lose the depth that made them such compelling characters in the first place. Every storyline bar ‘A Dame to Kill For’ felt dull and tired. And that was only any good because Eva Green was sensational as a femme fatale again.

The stories didn’t build well, and there was just no impact. The introduction scene paled in comparison with the alluring intro for Sin City. Johnny’s story didn’t have any intensity, and felt so weak compared to Hartigan’s. ‘A Dame to Kill For’ stood out, but even it couldn’t build itself to the modest heights that was ‘The Big Fat Kill’. Throwing in so many sub-plots that never reached a satisfactory conclusion only confused me. What’s the point of Wallenquist or Mort? If they were better integrated into the overarching plot, I might have been more impressed.

And that final story? Well, I’ve never questioned Jessica Alba’s beauty, but her obsessive Nancy came off a little too wooden for me to feel any sympathy. She was so much better in the first film, but here? It just bored me.

Am I too tired of the ultra-violence in Hollywood? Has nostalgia blinded me to the faults of the first film? Have I been saturated by films in the past few years, and just can’t work up any excitement? It’s hard to say. Critics seem to agree with me on this one though.

I doubt I’ll see any more Sin City adaptations after this one. What a pity.


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