La Tormenta – Chapter 23

Recently, I’ve been trying the writing advice littering the internet about sticking to a writing schedule. So I decided to be more conservative, and aimed for a 1000 word/week target. So far, it’s working quite well, and I’ve managed to get a new chapter out within 3 months! Well, I guess trying to avoid studying for the hardest semester of my university life also helped.

I’ve fought my urge to write multiple stories at one time ever since I’ve started to work on La Tormenta, to try and minimise distractions. That urge ebbed for a while, but now it’s back. I really want to do a pure Narutoverse story, but to do it justice, I have to devote quite a bit of time to it. So, instead, I’m musing a Naruto/Highschool DxD crossover. It’s more brainless, hopefully funnier, and much, much sexier. Damn me and my hormones!

…but seriously, Highschool DxD is pretty entertaining. The light novels anyway. The anime doesn’t really do it justice.


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