Month: January 2015

Ted 2 – Trailer

Loved the first Ted, but obviously they can’t reuse the same formula again. This does look promising (as do all trailers). Let’s hope it’s as funny as the first.


Honest Trailers – The Maze Runner

I remember watching this during free time at a camp, and all I could think of was that the movie was pretty lame. The characters were dull, the action was poor, and the plot made no sense. I definitely recall making that exact same observation about the Grievers while watching the movie. So yea, definitely not going to watch the sequels. This Young Adult thing has gone too far.

Fantastic Four – Trailer

Hrm. I do like grittier, darker shows and films, so this is right up my alley. But there was a certain charm to the original Fantastic Four films, even if they weren’t really any good. I dunno, I guess I should put a bit more faith in Fox for fixing the X-Men franchise with First Class and Days of Future Past, but I’m still annoyed about the whole rights issue. I really want to see what Marvel can do with their characters, especially with the rich content that the X-Men provide. Oh well, I’ll probably watch this anyway, just to see if the sequels (and there will be some) will be worth watching.

Man At Arms: Reforged – Ryuko Matoi’s Scissor Blade

Haven’t gotten around to watching Kill la Kill, but this is a really, really good build. I’ve been a bit ambivalent about the change in the blacksmiths for the show (I believe Tony Swatton rejected his contract), and the early Reforged episodes didn’t endear me to the Baltimore guys. But this…making a scissor blade out of scissors? Respect.

Fairy Tail 416


I didn’t really care about the terrible attempts to continue shipping characters, like Gajeel/Levy or Gray/Juvia. Not sure what to think about the disbandment of Fairy Tail. But the whole Doranbolt thing just feels like one plot twist too far for the Mest/Doranbolt side-story. At least the re-use of Oración Seis characters is okay in my book, even if the battle between Jellal and them seemed completely superfluous.

And E.N.D. is Etherious Natsu Dragneel?


So either there’s an Etherious version of Natsu, or Natsu will turn (back) into E.N.D. as he grows stronger. I’m betting on the latter; why else will Zeref want Natsu to be the one to kill him? Moreover, E.N.D. was created by Zeref to commit suicide, which sort of fits in.

But while that’s a decent plot twist, why reveal it NOW? It ruins any suspense you might have tried to build up as we head into the final arc of the series.

Pope Francis Opposes Contraceptives During Address of Millions in Philippines


Erm, Pope Francis, as much as I love you and your progressive views compared to your peers, this is one thing I’m going to have to disagree with.

You say that every child should be cherished and protected, but without artificial contraception, what if the family has no means to do exactly that? You do realise that the problems that street children have, the ones that the kid asked you about, can indirectly be attributed to a lack of contraception?

Moreover, physical contraceptives like condoms also help prevent the spread of STIs. There are numerous benefits to contraception, but I guess that’s one step too far for you to accept, eh?


Pope Francis discussed population control and childcare Sunday before a crowd of millions in the Philippines capital of Manila, his final stop on a weeklong tour of Asia.

In longstanding tradition with the Catholic church, Pope Francis continued to urge families to oppose artificial contraception, the Wall Street Journal reported. The topic is particularly controversial in the Philippines, which is home to 80 million Catholics and recently expanded access to contraceptives in order to combat its high birthrate.

“The family all too often needs to be protected against insidious attacks and programs contrary to all that we hold true and sacred,” Pope Francis told the crowd. “We need to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected.”

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City officials estimated about six million people attended the event, which would be a record-setting crowd, BBC reported. About five million people welcomed Pope John Paul…

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Congo and Africa’s World War – Crash Course World History

Much like the massive international attention on Charlie Hebdo’s horrific attack versus the lack of said attention on the thousands of dead in Nigeria from Boko Haram’s attacks, the world has often ignored Africa and its problems, many of which were indirectly (or directly) caused by European colonisation and exit. I’m just as guilty of that, but hopefully as people speak up more about the problems in Nigeria, South Sudan, Central African Republic and so forth, the international community can start to do something for those who have great need of help.