Creative SoundBlaster Roar

2014-12-26 02.33.49Well, I didn’t actually plan on buying this baby until I’ve spent my money on other audio equipment, but given the logistical issues in getting my favoured desktop monitors, plus my inherent desire to get my greedy mitts on new gadgets, I succumbed to desire and snagged this puppy during the SITEX ’14 promotional period.

It’s a portable Bluetooth speaker, but it’s also so much more than that. Of course, I barely use its actual function of listening to music given my growing array of headphones and IEMs, but it’s a great option when my ears protest the intrusions of IEMs, or the heat from headphones. Plus, it’s jam-packed with functions, and who doesn’t like something so versatile yet so cheap compared to its competitors?

That’s not to mention its very decent sound quality. Obviously it’s never going to compare to even the cheaper desktop monitors I had been eyeing, but it put out sound that rivalled my old Swan M10, which makes it a pretty decent side-grade in my opinion. It also has the nice SBX Studio package that allows me to tweak the sound to my liking (although I think it’s only for USB audio, not Bluetooth).

It also has a FAR smaller footprint than the Swan; ditto any other dedicated desktop speakers. I’ve occasionally found myself wanting more space on my desk; now that I have oodles of it, I’m already planning how to maximise its use for more audio stuff. There goes my money again…

Finally, it feels great to support a local company in Creative Labs, without having to compromise on my desire for decent audio equipment. It’s been years since I’ve heard people praise Creative for their general consumer audio products (the Creative Aurvana Live! being an exception), so it’s great to see their return to form with the new SoundBlaster series.


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