Apple’s Broken Promises – BBC Panorama

*The video requires a UK IP address to access (I recommend the extension Hola if you’re using FireFox).

Shocking. Just shocking. But after the hour-long program, I don’t know what’s worse. Apple’s lies and hypocrisy about their supply chain, or my own unwillingness to abandon Apple products despite my supposed dislike for said hypocrisy. I can justify it to myself by saying that most, if not all electronics companies do the same, and I shouldn’t drop Apple products because of the materials they use, or the terrible working conditions that went into making them. But the amount of posturing from Apple about how they are above all other companies is staggering in the face of these accusations.

I have even more respect for the Apple marketing division now. Not only did they create a cult, but they’ve managed to con millions of people into thinking they actually give a shit about more than just profits. Turns out they are pretty much like every other company. Kudos.

In the end, even after all this is revealed, is any Apple product user going to give up their electronics? Is anything going to be done by Apple or the consumer? I doubt it. I can’t see myself giving up the OSX environment, and I’m not even a fanatic. I feel dirty typing this on my MacBook Pro, but in a few days’ time, this will probably all be forgotten. So much for all of my own bullshit regarding human rights on this blog.


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