La Tormenta – Chapter 22


Finally uploaded the next instalment of La Tormenta. I’ve been sitting on it for ages, adding minor bits here and there over the months. I wanted to upload this in February to coincide with the 1st anniversary of the story going online, but I ended up delaying it, what, 9 months? Gee, that’s a long time.

I blame it on school, on doing stuff like FOP’14 and SMUN’14, and most of all, on my own procrastination. I procrastinate on work, but in my twisted mind, I know work has to be the priority. So I procrastinate on writing, because I should be doing work first. So in the end, nothing gets done.

Funnily enough, despite having overloaded for this semester, I’ve actually done relatively more writing than in the previous semester and the long summer break. Whatever. I’m just glad I pushed it out. I got more events after the exams, and a holiday to enjoy. And right after that, I barely have any time before the next semester begins. And from what I hear, it’s going to be a 2015 full of hurt.

Maybe I’ll make the 2nd anniversary. That’ll be nice.


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