The Script – No Sound Without Silence


When the album first started playing, I couldn’t help but feel elated that The Script was going back to the sound that drew so much attention and so many fans to them. #3 was disappointing in the way so many recent albums from so many of my favourite bands have been; they’ve all been lured by the popularity of mainstream music, and tried a pop sound that took them away from what made them good in the first place.

But after Superheroes played, the rest of the album felt very eclectic and unorganised. There was no spine to the album, no general feel to the sound that I can put my finger on. Some of the songs were typical of The Script, some of them were introspective and moody, then I heard something that sounded like anthem rock. There was something cheery, a huge contrast to other songs on the same album, and it was just this weird mess of different sounds that felt incoherent to me.

I’ve always felt that albums were a singular product, and there should exist a thread that connects all the songs together; a certain style, a distinct type of sound. But this was just a mish-mash of different sounds that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. Will be it be radio-friendly? Sure, since radio stations don’t spam entire albums at one go. Having different types of songs will help make the album well known. But from an album listener’s perspective? It’s a pretty weak effort from a band I had high hopes for.

The album name is supposed to convey the idea that ‘silence’ is the moment of thought that precedes making any sort of sound. Maybe they should have put that ‘silence’ to better use when coming up with the sounds for this album.


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