Maroon 5 – V

I think most fans of Maroon 5 will have heard of the controversy over the music video for Animals, and while I have to say I agree that it’s pretty messed up, I’m not going to condemn the video just because of disturbing themes. Does an artist being in a video that depicts extreme stalker behaviour, mean that he’s condoning it? I’m not sure how it’s like for people who direct music videos, but as a wannabe writer, I think sometimes there’s an urge to write something darker, as that can be challenging to both the writer and the characters. It’s about artistry; whether it’s too twisted for mainstream media, I’m going to leave that to people who want to argue over it.

As for the actual sound of the album, which I care much more for, it’s a good move back towards a less mainstream sound. Overexposed was a pop bonanza, and it while Payphone was good, the rest of the album was a bit meh. V actually takes Maroon 5 even further than their previous albums from a generic pop sound, with a moodier, more soulful vibe that almost makes me think of old-school crooners, except in the 21st century dominated by pop and alternative rock (which can’t really be called ‘alternative’ anymore, come to think of it).

It’s not the most memorable of albums, with no stand out songs unlike Songs About Jane. But then, Songs About Jane was the first and the best album from Maroon 5 in my opinion. Everything else has just been downhill from there. V isn’t even as catchy as Overexposed, even if I find it a better album. So it’s with mixed feelings as I regard this album; it’s a decent offering from Maroon 5, but despite being better than their previous album, they have a long way to go to match Songs About Jane.


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