Jason Mraz – Yes!

Yes! is not an album that sounds like what I had expected it to sound. The cheery, succinct title sort of gave me the impression that it was going to be a chirpy, fast-paced album like previous Mraz works. However, the main impression I got from the album was a slow and stripped-down sound, something akin to what Secondhand Serenade was about at its inception.

I’ve always like stripped songs, as they seem raw; emotional. There’s a certain rustic quality to simpler songs that are not crowded by a dozen instruments. I wouldn’t say Yes! is filled with stripped songs per se; it merely has that sort of quality that draws me into Mraz’s sweet voice more so than any of his previous songs. I’ll always enjoy the lightning-quick songs like Wordplay or Geek in the Pink, but this is a more romantic sound that makes me fall in love with Jason Mraz’s music all over again.


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