Sony Xperia Z2

I’ve been waiting to re-contract my mobile phone plan for months now, and I had debated getting the HTC One M8 or the Sony Xperia Z2. The title of this post gives it all away; I went for the Xperia.

The debate was pretty much settled a month ago, when I actually wanted the HTC One. All reviews pointed towards the HTC One being just that little bit better, and with almost equivalent prices upon re-contract, it was a no-brainer. However, when it was time to actually buy the phone, the prices for the Xperia had dropped while the One’s price went up. The price differential was almost S$120.00, and that meant the Sony for me.

So far, I’ve been quite pleased with the phone. After the pain of fixing up contacts and transferring game data, the phone has been functioning like a champ. The battery life is godly compared to my HTC One X, and I found myself testing out the waterproofing more than once. The freedom to actually run water to clean the phone is something extraordinary.

And it’s a phone that deserves constant cleaning, because even if it’s unwieldy, it’s a gorgeous piece of technology. Recently, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with beautiful things (mainly headphones, if I’m honest), and the Xperia Z2 is definitely one of the prettiest phones. I hate the Samsung Galaxy aesthetic, and the LG G3, while better, is still plastic. Only the HTC One trumps the Xperia in this regard, and it’s one of the (minor) reasons I wanted the One.

I don’t have the eagle eye needed to judge display accuracy, and photo-taking is not my thing, so those are not concerns for me. The phone runs quick enough, and importantly feels like an upgrade to me. I’ll be wholly satisfied if the charging port was not under a flimsy cover that also protects the micro-SIM tray, which seems like a huge liability. Thankfully, Sony did include the magnetic charging port, which means that I’ll only have to open up the cover once in a while (once my magnetic cable arrives, at any rate).

Should I have waited for the new iPhones? Given the integration between OSX 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8, it would have been a great match with my MacBook Pro. But I never liked the claustrophobic iOS ecosystem. Funny I say that as an MBP user, but OSX is far more open. I hate the idea of having to jailbreak. Maybe in the future, when it’s time for me to re-contract my plan and get a new phone.

The one phone that I do regret not waiting for is the OnePlus One. Given the specs and the price, it’s probably the best phone out there. But it’s limited, invite-only, and I don’t know if it’ll even come to Singapore. As for rumours about the Xperia Z3? Bah, I can’t be bothered to wait months for a phone that will have minimal upgrades on the current model.

For now, I shall enjoy molesting my new phone…


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