Man Plants Flag on Unclaimed African Land So Daughter Can Be Its Princess

Okay…what? There’s doting, and there’s overkill. I’m not sure whether to be amazed or appalled by the lengths that this father has gone to for his daughter. A wish to be a princess is usually indulged by costumes and play-acting, not becoming a real one. I hope the guy raises his daughter not to be spoiled, because this seems way too overboard.


When six-year-old Emily asked her father if she could be a real princess, Virginia resident Jeremiah Heaton took his daughter’s wish quite literally. No tiaras, frilly dresses or distant Disney dreams for this little girl. Heaton gave her the real deal, or at least, is trying to — the royal title of princess, complete with land for her to rule, in an 800-square-mile patch of desert in the Middle of Nowhere, Africa.

Heaton searched the Internet for terra nullius, or unclaimed land, and received permission from Egyptian authorities to visit a plot of land roughly half the size of Connecticut between Egypt and Sudan. Locals call the area Bir Tawil, a land unclaimed by its neighbors after a discrepancy in borders drawn in 1899 and 1902. But Heaton and his family call it “Kingdom of North Sudan,” ruled by King Heaton and Princess Emily after he planted a homemade…

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