Day: 15/07/2014

Man At Arms: Reforged – Batman’s Wolverine Claws

AWE Me has a new series, and it looks pretty bonkers. I can’t say I like the design of the claws very much, and the reasoning that Bruce Wayne would design it this way doesn’t really seem right to me. But hey, it’s a pretty decent mashup, and that gauntlet looks seriously kick-ass.

I look forward to what they can smash together next.


Big Hero 6 – Trailer

Big Hero 6 looks like a blend of everything that appeals to me: great animation, well-timed humour, and what might be some fantastic fight scenes. Sure, it’s not the melodramatic stuff that impresses me with the depth of the characters, but clich├ęs are what they are for a reason: they work.

So bring on the cheesy plot, because I can’t wait to see this movie.