Day: 19/06/2014

Naruto 681

“What…? What…? What…?”

That was all I managed to say as I read this chapter. I like it when authors manage to integrate grand master plans of evil villains into the plot, but this…this is just idiotic stuff.

Black Zetsu is a ‘child’ of Kaguya. Who basically wrote the entire book of ninja history with his ‘meddling’, changing the Uchiha tablet, monitoring and using the transmigrants, creating Akatsuki (that’s like the 4th character to have laid claim on that dubious honour now), and manipulating Madara into doing ALL the things he did. What…?

Also, Sharingan can now use its powers in death, just because a Mangekyō technique can activate whenever it it set to activate, like some timer on a cooker, or the alarm of a clock. What…?

And Kaguya is now apparently a part of the Jūbi that wanted to take back its chakra from her sons. What…?

This has gone beyond even the realms of my imagination. I’m blown away by the sheer stupidity of this constant escalation that changes the backstory every other chapter. You can’t just change the backstory over and over and over again, just to make your new, bigger, badder villain seem integrated into the plot. I know that creating new content is your prerogative, but surely there’s another way to do this? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but can we not just have a regular ol’ villain and a big fight without all this nonsensical expositions?