Day: 14/06/2014

The Interview – Trailer

Ah, the more I watch James Franco, the more I love his films. Bar Spring Breakers, which didn’t interest me one bit, his comedies have all been ones that I could appreciate well and found myself laughing at uproariously. Seth Rogen is his foil once again, and they make a pretty good comedy duo.

I wish I could forget Spider-Man 3 and The Green Hornet though.


There’s a Huge Underground Ocean That Could Explain the Origin of Seas

Curious when and how this ringwoodite would have formed though. Also, how does all the water stay there for billions of years beneath the mantle? Wouldn’t it all have oozed out already? Hmm…well, time to pick up a little geology, methinks.


Geologists have long mused about the origin of earth’s seas. Did water, for example, arrive from somewhere else — like on icy comets that struck the planet? Or did water come from somewhere within?

The recent discovery of a subterranean sea, deep inside earth, has scientists excited about the latter possibility.

Like something out of early 19th century playwright Jules Verne’s novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth — in which characters stumble across a massive underground basin — a team of geologists led by Steven Jacobsen from Northwestern University have found a vast body of water, three times the size of any ocean, located near earth’s core. It’s possible that water from this enormous reservoir oozed to the surface.

“It’s good evidence earth’s water came from within,” Jacobsen told NewScientist.

Jacobsen and his team used seismometers in their find, studying the speed of seismic waves to determine what…

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Extremists in Iraq Continue March Toward Baghdad


As Islamist extremists captured Tikrit, a major city in Iraq’s Sunni heartland, just a day after taking Mosul, analysts offered sobering assessments of a fundamentalist militant force whose ambitions may no longer be the stuff of fantasy.

Hardened by years of battle in neighboring Syria, the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is routing the forces of a modern nation-state and gathering land with the ultimate goal of establishing an alternate form of governance, an Islamic caliphate.

“This is not a terrorism problem anymore,” says Jessica Lewis, an expert on ISIS at the Institute for the Study of War, a Washington think tank. “This is an army on the move in Iraq and Syria, and they are taking terrain.”

In capturing Tikrit, famed as the hometown of Saddam Hussein, Islamist militants whom the secular dictator had not tolerated were moving south down Iraq’s main highway toward…

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The Equalizer – Trailer

Well, it’s another action film by Denzel Washington, whom, let’s be honest, hasn’t really made a great film for a good number of years now. But it looks like an interesting action banking on the same concept as Taken that brought Liam Neeson into mainstream action hero fame at ages when most people wish to retire. And I do like Denzel’s films, as cliché as some of them might be. Pedigree is pedigree.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – Trailer

OH YEA! I loved the first Sin City, and this looks like a fantastic continuation of Robert Rodriguez’s best work IMO. It’s not the most palatable of styles, but it’s something more unique amidst the raft of gloriously colourful CGI that every other film uses these days.

Also, the plot. The stories that Frank Miller crafted were gorgeously dark and moody, and I loved the gritty tone of it all. This is less of a sequel than most films, given that the original Sin City was a series of stories made almost directly from Frank Miller’s graphic novels. I doubt Robert Rodriguez will change the successful formula, and with Miller also helping out in the direction of the film, I eagerly wait in anticipation for the film’s release.

Probably online or something though. If the MPAA is banning Eva Green’s promotional poster for being too sexy, the Singapore government is going to be cutting swathes of the film. Just sayin’.