Day: 07/06/2014

Star Wars Sorted Alphabetically

It’s a 43min long video, so I didn’t actually watch it all. But man, I can respect the dedication. And apparently, there’s only one mention of lightsaber at all. For an item synonymous with Star Wars, it’s a tad ironic.


The Thai Junta Is Using Pretty Girls in Skimpy Camo to Win Some Popularity

Great. Now even military juntas are trying to make themselves more palatable by using babes. I can understand the use of sex appeal to sell products and maybe even services, although I don’t care much for marketing gimmicks. But this? This will only incense the Thai anti-coup protesters even more.


After seizing power in a coup d’état on May 22, Thailand’s ruling military has faced street protests, the wrath of rights groups and international censure.

But now the generals have launched their own PR campaign to win the hearts and minds of their compatriots — using music, dancing and, well, pretty young women in skimpy military fatigues.

On Wednesday, a crowd of several thousand thronged Bangkok’s militaristic Victory Monument — which has actually been the hub of fervent anticoup protests over the past fortnight — for an evening of music and hawkish propaganda.

Attendees took pictures of the junta babes, grabbed selfies with full-dress commandos, petted horses in a straw-filled enclosure and were bombarded with shrill songs and army-recruitment videos played on a loop on two enormous screens.

The PR push comes in the wake of the Southeast Asian nation’s 12th military coup since the end of absolute monarchical rule…

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Koalas Hug Trees to Keep Cool (and Look Cute)



Turns out koalas aren’t just hugging trees so we can all marvel at how adorable they are — they’re actually hugging trees to keep themselves nice and cool in hot weather.

Researchers tracked a group of koalas in their natural habitat in Australia during warm months. With the help of thermal imaging, they found that many of the creatures would cling to the coolest, lowest parts of the trees. Some tree trunks, it turns out, can be more than 5°C cooler than the surrounding air.

Access to those trees can significantly reduce the amount of heat stress for koalas by reducing the amount of water they need to stay cool, according to the study, originally published in the journal Biology Letters. The researchers confirmed that tree-hugging is an important cooling behavior and that tree trunks are an “important microhabitat” for other tree-dwelling animals as well.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that…

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How to Change Course in Central African Republic



Recent outrages in Bangui, the war-torn capital of the Central African Republic (C.A.R.), lay bare that the world is dangerously close to failing the country once again.

On March 25, three Muslim boys went to play an interfaith football match in the city. Before they could reach the stadium, they were caught by fighters from the anti-balaka, the predominantly Christian militia. The boys were murdered and mutilated on the street, their chests cut open, their hearts ripped out and their penises cut off.

Just three days later, armed Muslim youths retaliated by attacking a church sheltering thousands of displaced persons. They used grenades and sprayed gunfire into helpless crowds, killing at least 15 and wounding 30. In response to the attack, youth pillaged and vandalized one of Bangui’s last mosques. The fear that the anti-balaka and mobs of civilians will unleash their fury on the remaining Muslims of C.A.R…

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