Liverpool vs. Newcastle 11/05/14

First Half

Well, that was a downer. It was a slow tempo game, with Liverpool not up for it and Newcastle defending deep. Although Liverpool did drop deep a couple of times for some reason. Then Suarez scored a beautiful free-kick from the outside of his boot, though he took it before Phil Dowd said he could. So that was disallowed. Then Skrtel scores another OG, setting a record for the number of OGs any player scores in the season.

1-0 down, at home to Newcastle who have had diabolical form. And we just couldn’t get out of our mire, with everyone’s play sloppy, and inviting Newcastle back in several times. My stream got real choppy, but I didn’t seem to miss much, as Suarez tried to do everything by himself like in previous seasons, Sturridge missing a glorious chance, and Liverpool generally having little penetration against a back five and two defensive midfielders.

And with City 1-0 up at half time, it’s turning out to be a very anticlimactic end to the season.

Second Half

I didn’t pay attention to the match due to choppy streams and no real motivation, but it was settled with two Gerrard free-kicks in similar positions, that flew into towards the far post and got converted by Agger and Sturridge respectively. Then two Newcastle players got sent off; apparently Ameobi got yellow-carded twice for dissent within a minute. That’s a little overboard, Mr. Phil Dowd.

And so our season came to an end, trophy-less and in a rather anti-climactic way. But it was always threatening to peter out this way after City crushed Aston Villa 4-0. We can say we threw it away, but to be in a position to be able to say that is quite the achievement. Let’s not forget City have invested billions into the team over several years in order to get where they are. Chelsea and Spurs both spent £100m this season alone, but are nowhere.

With the last game of the season played, this means it’s time for the transfer window to open, and for silly season to begin. I think this time, we can get our hopes up…


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