Naruto 675


This ‘Madara is a master manipulator’ thing is just WAY too ridiculous. I know his reach is supposed to be immense, but really? Hinging on Minato not being around, then getting Kiri-nin to capture Rin, turn her into a jinchūriki, let her escape, try to kill her, let Obito see all of it, and hoping that it’ll disillusion him? That seems awfully long-winded. If you’re already so influential, why not just slowly grasp control of all the hidden villages, then take the jinchūriki away? It’s not like any of them will be missed apart from Killer Bee.

Of course, there must be lengthy expositions to explain the convoluted mess that is the plot now. Obito, instead of screaming at Sakura to just destroy his eye, must explain it first, giving Madara just enough time to collect it. Of course, Madara must then explain why Obito is in this state because he’s a megalomaniac and needs to do this shit. And all that crap about more jūin. Really? Totally unnecessary crap that just confuses the reader. Why can’t it be a simple ‘Black Zetsu is immobilising Obito’?

Obito, obviously has the sense to teleport Sakura out of Kamui despite not being able to move. And she pops out right where Kakashi and Sasuke are. Naruto finished off shadow!Madara friggin’ quick, and mostly off-screen. Then he pulls off that bullshit he did with Gai, and returning Kakashi his eye. Great, how miraculous. I’d wager Naruto’s going to revive every dead person at the end of this battle, including Neji.

Then that flashback. Ye gods above, have mercy upon thine tortured soul! This is so disgustingly campy. And that shit about teamwork? Yea, I’m SO glad Konoha trains its ninjas to be completely nonchalant about working with a known traitor. That is so utterly ninja, it blew my mind.

Oh, and is Team 7 the ONLY surviving ninja in this entire friggin’ battlefield? Is there NO one else in this god-forsaken world to fight Uchiha Fucking Madara? And I’m sure that Sakura will somehow keep up with Sasuke and Naruto despite both of them getting über-gear from the Rikudō while Sakura only got Tsunade’s diamond. And she’s not even as skilled as her master. Naturally that’ll change for this fight.

Reading Naruto is like reading fanfiction with Über!Characters and equally Über!Villains. The level of Gary-Stu and Deus Ex Machina is OVER 9000!

I had to make a DragonBall reference eventually. Top of the pile when it comes to manga with over-powered characters.


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