EpicMealTime: Kaiserschwarzenegger Protein Tank

At first, I thought EpicMealTime was a satirical show mocking the gross overconsumption culture. Then it turns out it’s just an epic, but seriously greasy and unhealthy cooking show.

Then Arnie came into the picture, and I was gobsmacked. Mad respect for EpicMealTime to get him on their show (twice!), and I do have a lot of respect for Schwarzenegger too. He’s an Austrian with terribly-accented English, made his way to American shores, went at Hollywood until he got famous, and even became the bloody Governor of California. Sure, the scandal smeared his reputation, but now he’s back to making movies and doing charity with a tank. A TANK!!!

Good on him. As for EpicMealTime? Well, I love watching them make insanely unhealthy food, but I’m not going to try eating any of that, any time soon.


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