Day: 30/04/2014

And the World’s New Fastest Land Animal Is…

Hmmm…I’m pretty sure The Incredible Hulk, given that he can leap into the stratosphere or something, is the fastest land animal of all…

But seriously, insects scare the crap out of me. Maybe not these, but things like flying scorpions (technically arachnids, but still), cockroaches (which can survive nukes), mosquitoes (which kill 750,000 people a year), and so on. The only thing scarier is microbes and viruses, because you can’t even see them. And. They. Are. EVERYWHERE. Look at the Black Death and the Spanish Flu. Then look at current problems like SARS, MERS, AIDS, and bird flu. Humans aren’t the dominant species on this planet. Far, far, far from it…


A tiny mite no larger than a sesame seed holds the record as the fastest land animal in the world, according to new research, when measured in proportion to its size.

While the cheetah is commonly thought of as one of the speediest creatures in the animal kingdom, and moves at 16 body lengths per second, the Paratarsotomus macropalpis trounces the big cat with a whopping 322 body lengths per second, according to a study by Pomona College in Claremont, Calif. This is almost twice as quick as what was previously believed to be the fastest animal, the Australian Tiger Beetle, which moves at 171 body lengths per second.

Because of the mite’s minuscule proportions and inordinately fast pace, the research team was unable to use traditional means of measuring its velocity. “We can’t actually chase after a mite because they move much too quickly for that,” said Jonathan Wright…

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EpicMealTime: Kaiserschwarzenegger Protein Tank

At first, I thought EpicMealTime was a satirical show mocking the gross overconsumption culture. Then it turns out it’s just an epic, but seriously greasy and unhealthy cooking show.

Then Arnie came into the picture, and I was gobsmacked. Mad respect for EpicMealTime to get him on their show (twice!), and I do have a lot of respect for Schwarzenegger too. He’s an Austrian with terribly-accented English, made his way to American shores, went at Hollywood until he got famous, and even became the bloody Governor of California. Sure, the scandal smeared his reputation, but now he’s back to making movies and doing charity with a tank. A TANK!!!

Good on him. As for EpicMealTime? Well, I love watching them make insanely unhealthy food, but I’m not going to try eating any of that, any time soon.

Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3

I love CinemaSins. Not just because it’s funny for them to point out all the continuity/scientific fallacies they commit, but also all the clichés and tropes used so often by Hollywood. That kind of helps me with my writing, as I scrutinise my story and plot to make sure everything actually makes sense. Hurray for realistic stories in unrealistic, fantasy worlds!

Oh, and I just wish Sony could let Spider-Man return to Marvel so we can have him actually join the Avengers. And be part of the Civil War storyline that I hope is in Marvel’s plans. *sigh*