Liverpool vs. Norwich 20/04/14

First Half

Well, that wasn’t a very exciting half. But that’s something I can live with, after so many heart-attack games in the past few weeks. With Chelsea losing to Sunderland at home (and ruining Moaninho’s Stamford Bridge record in the process), a win will get us 5 points ahead of them with 3 games remaining.

(By the way, thanks Agent Sunderland, Wickham and Borini, drawing against City and beating Chelsea.)

Sterling rifles one into the net (via a deflection) with just 3mins on the clock, and I missed that while having dinner. As I was finding a stream, I missed another as Sterling teed up Suarez for a 2nd. So Norwich concede less than a goal a game at home for the last few games, and they promptly concede 2 in 15mins against our goal-scoring machine. And Suarez just can’t stop scoring against Norwich, can he?

They came back at us as we took our foot off the gas, and there were a few nervy moments that passed quickly. Once those 10 mins of pressure ended, we played keep ball with a few moments of penetration. Allen had two shots, one in the 9th minute when he controlled the ball with a magical touch. He was easily our busiest player, tackling, intercepting, and blocking shots too. Henderson who?

Then I had a few moments of annoyance as the commentators first said Sakho was our defender least comfortable on the ball. What? He has easily the most passes and best passing accuracy of any of our defenders in every game. Just because he was dispossessed by two players converged on him means nothing. He always tries to pass forwards, and never seems to miss.

Then they said we had no European distractions that led to us having less injuries. What? We had our entire preferred back 4 out injured for large tracts of the season. Suarez was missing for the first five. Sturridge and Gerrard were both injured too, as was Lucas and Allen. Goodness, the ignorance is palpable.

Anyway, we kept the ball for longer, with some great passing at the back that looks scary for fans but seems so natural for our players. ‘Death by football’ was on full display here, although we could be less sloppy in possession at times. I can understand the feelings though; 2-0 up, Norwich toothless every time they go forward, etc.

Let’s hope Rodgers can invigorate the players and get them to score a few more. We need to pad out the goal difference just in case. I mean, City did win their title on goal difference, didn’t they?

Second Half

We sure don’t do things by halves. We hate make things easy for ourselves too.

We basically invited Norwich to attack in the 2nd half, and they did so with glee. Mignolet makes a hash of a punch, and Norwich score. 2-1. Then Sterling intercepts a stray pass during a long passage of Norwich dominance, and charged up the field. His shot was bound to be saved, but it took a wicked deflection and looped over Ruddy.


Just when you think it’s done and dusted, Norwich come back into it. We got sloppier. Norwich got stronger. They launched a cross into the box, Flanagan doesn’t jump for it, and Snodgrass gets a free header. 3-2. My nerves were fine though, surprisingly, despite the fact that we were possibly on the verge of missing out on 3 points. Then we just kept clinging on, even sending Agger on for Allen to shore things up.

My anxiety came in as the minutes trickled down, and we had about 10mins plus extra time to go. Then we had two chances, and Lucas made a hash of both sitters. No matter. We held and held, and as the final whistle blew, relief. Another win, 11 in a row now. 5 points ahead of Chelsea with 3 games to go.

The league is coming home.



    1. Thanks! Sorry I don’t know how Ipswich is doing; being an overseas fan means it’s usually only the top division that gets any airtime. Hope your team is doing well!


      1. Ah! Just had a quick look at the table. 1 point from the last play-off spot with 4 games to go. Good luck! Hope to see your team in the Premier League next season!


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