Scientifically Accurate Spongebob

I remember loving Spongebob as a kid, but as I grew up…heck, I still love Spongebob, especially finding all the subtle innuendo that flew right over my head when younger. Of course, I’m not actively watching it now, but I long to just sit down and consume all the episodes ever aired.

One prevalent theory about the story of Spongebob is that it’s the nuclear test at the Bikini Islands that actually led to the creation of Bikini Bottom. Those are ALL mutated sea creatures from nuclear testing. That’s a brilliant theory in my opinion. Although it could well be just satirical humor from the creators, who understand that the show they’ve create breaks so many natural laws that they make fun of the show doing exactly that.

I love self-aware shows. That reminds me, I should get into comics too, specifically Deadpool…



    1. Perhaps, but to the wider audience of non-comic-book-fans, Deadpool’s pretty low-key. I doubt Deadpool’s current run will last that long either. I don’t think he’s the biggest seller around, although he is working with Spider-Man currently, right?

      Wolverine, on the other hand, has had 3 X-Men movies (and the upcoming one), 2 of his own, and has been an iconic part of the X-Men in TV, comics, everywhere. And Wolverine’s film rights doesn’t even belong to Marvel Studios currently, if your overexposure refers to the crazy number of films he’s been in.

      I do hope they can eventually push Deadpool past his comic book confines and get a proper film done. And none of that origins nonsense we see everywhere now. Not every director is a Christopher Nolan. We totally need a fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool in the cinemas. Might ruin Deadpool, but conversely, if they do it right…


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