NSA Denies Knowing About Heartbleed Bug

Woah. If that’s true, then the NSA has even more to answer for than just their usual spying crap. I’m not sure how much Obama knows about just what NSA is doing, but if he’s not privy to all of this stuff…man, that’s a big mess to have to try and clean up. If the NSA is doing this with his permission…well, as the Chinese say, 笑里藏刀。


The National Security Agency flatly denied Friday a report that it has been aware for years of the Heartbleed computer glitch wreaking havoc on computer security around the world.

“NSA was not aware of the recently identified vulnerability in OpenSSL, the so-called Heartbleed vulnerability, until it was made public in a private-sector cybersecurity report. Reports that say otherwise are wrong,” NSA spokesperson Vanee’ Vines told TIME.

Earlier Friday, Bloomberg News published a report citing two anonymous sources alleging that the eavesdropping agency was aware of the Heartbleed glitch for at least two years before it was made public. Heartbleed is widely seen as one of the most significant computer security flaws in the history of the Internet and the NSA drew fierce criticism over the allegation that it failed to report the existence of the flaw and instead exploited it for spying ends.

“The NSA’s purpose is to protect Americans,”…

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