The Last Frontier

In our industrialised world, it’s hard to imagine people willingly living in the wilderness. But tribal life still exists it seems, which is a tad surprising for me. I thought most of these tribes would have vanished under the relentless modernisation that the world is undergoing, but I guess I’m wrong.

I think there probably are still some tribal communities in Southwest Pacific islands, and there will always be pockets of humanity that have lived independent of the glass and steel world the rest of the human race is residing in. On one hand, as a modern person, I would imagine it would be good for them to be brought into our lifestyle and way of life. But that’s the kind of thinking that essentially led to the destruction of the Native American way of life.

Preservation of these cultures, these tribes, will be insanely difficult. I have no doubt that the poorly policed logging operations in the vast Amazon will continue to threaten the livelihoods of these tribes. Will their cultures survive? I think it’s an eventuality that these people will either assimilate or die out. We can’t even agree with each other despite being ‘civilised’. They have bows and arrows, and we have guns. It’ll be a massacre if and when the day comes that they make a last stand to protect their homes.

Let’s hope it won’t come to that.


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