Space Discovery Suggests Unknown Planet At Solar System’s Fringe

I barely recall Sedna, so I don’t think I’ll ever remember this new planet’s name if it’s actually found and christened.

I still resent Pluto being demoted too. But what can I do? Poor Pluto.


Science teachers, get ready, you may soon have to come up with a new mnemonic device for the planets.

Astronomers announced Wednesday the discovery of a new dwarf planet at the outer edge of our solar system. While that’s interesting on its own, the scientists also believe something far more fascinating: that the dwarf planet’s far-out position suggests there may be a much larger planet beyond it.

The dwarf planet—named 2012 VP113, and nicknamed “Biden” for obvious reasons—was found near another tiny, icy planet named Sedna that was first discovered ten years ago, National Geographic reports. Scientists involved in the new discovery believe the two objects may have been pulled so far out in the solar system by the gravity of a much larger planet hulking still farther out in our solar system.

“A rogue planet could have been ejected from our solar system and perturbed their orbits,” says…

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