Nocturnal Audio Calyx 4-conductor Copper Custom Cable

Well, I just bought this custom IEM cable for $49.90 at TREOO. It’s not a bad cable, but frankly, I’m too n00b to notice the differences the cable is supposed to make to the sound. It could just be that my Westone UM Pro 30’s cables are just that good, but I’m leaning towards the former explanation.

It’s a very pretty cable, and since I can customize it, I got clear insulation, clear MMCX connectors and a right-angled Neutrik plug. Frankly, I bought it to go with my FiiO L9 cable, because I didn’t want to waste the $5.90 shipping fee. I should have gotten the L9 cable elsewhere, but oh well, loyalty to the S’pore company, you know? It makes for a good spare IEM cable (which is the first thing to go on IEMs), and Westone’s very own EPIC cable is like $60USD. This is a custom cable, sexier, and cheaper. So why the hell not?

The only issues I have with it, are that it has some microphonics. It’s not an issue if I pull the wooden (!!) choker up, but I don’t really find it exceptionally comfortable in that configuration. But that’s a small issue. The bigger issue is that it looks horrendous with my smoke UM Pro 30s. If I could get the clear version, it would look fantastic with the clear MMCX connectors. But now, it looks so damn ugly I didn’t bother.

I’ll probably use it when I upgrade to summit-fi IEMs, like Shure SE846 or UM Pro 50 (both of which are clear!). Or one of those custom-turned-universals, which I can customise the looks of. LEAR looks promising (with carbon fibre patterns :O). Before then, it’ll stay in my Pelican 1010 case.


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